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ONE OF A KIND PHOTOGRAPHY is a fusion of artistic photography and photojournalism brought together to make you relive the beautiful moments of your life.

Image of OOAK Founder Mr. Vikas Alagarsamy and Co-Founder Mrs Navya N Kumar (also wife of Mr. Vikas Alagarsamy)
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There is no such a thing as a perfect love story or a perfect wedding. That’s what we know after being in business for nearly a decade. And you know what? For exactly this reason we love doing what we do. Unexpected moments, rollercoaster emotions, and beautiful souls crazy in love make our hearts beat faster. With our work, we are following couples worldwide, capturing these vibrant memories you’ll carry with you for decades to come.

Brains Behind One of a kind Photography

A husband and wife photography duo based in Chennai expanding their wings in Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Coimbatore, photographing weddings all over the world. Vikas holds his charm for photography and Navya is the brain in bringing out the most intricate details of your wedding. They are soft-hearted, compassionate people who truly believe that love is the root of life, and marriage is the best description of that deep knowledge we all have that life is best lived together. We are full of wonder on a wedding day, knowing that with each declaration of love, the world becomes a better place. We pride ourselves on our ‘storytelling’ approach, capturing the full narrative of the wedding day from start to finish. We love to work in the most minimal way possible, with minimal gear, minimal interference in the proceedings of the day, and letting great light and composition take the lead. We see ourselves as Archivists; our job is to record exactly how it felt to be there. Our most treasured moment of a wedding day is creating romantic, ethereal portraits to last a lifetime. We are based in the cultural capital of India, with deep-rooted traditions and long heritage. With a handful of palaces and a breathtaking natural landscape, this dream place has made us take advantage of our country's best things. Choosing us for our Destination Wedding will surely mean a dream experience for you. We love to make the best out of our country’s unique light and beautiful landscapes but to photograph abroad is a challenge we embrace with a great spirit of adventure! We will travel the world to capture Love, wherever we may find it!

Meet Our Founders

Image of our Founder Mr Vikas Alagarsamy, Shot by One Of A Kind Photography

Vikas Alagarsamy

Our Founder

A techie with a charm for photography, making mundane moments magical. The founder of Zero Gravity photography, who has set milestones and trends, and created an international standard in the Indian photography industry is now venturing into the most delicate genre of photography curated especially for people who are in love with the aesthetics of art. One of a Kind photography is the brainchild of Vikas Alagarsamy. OOAK photography is a dream set in action to give you a one-of-a-kind photography experience. OOAK photography is a fusion of artistic photography and photojournalism brought together to make you relive the beautiful moments of your life. Once a techie is always a techie as OOAK photography would be the industry's first to have a completely auto-piloted photography company. His futuristic vision has helped OOAK to achieve tech advancement in the industry meeting international requirements. Vikas has introduced AI in post-processing which makes all our deliverables are consistent and meet international standards without compromising.

Image of our Co-Founder Mrs Navya N Kumar, Shot by One Of A Kind Photography

Navya N Kumar

Our Co-Founder

From handling toddlers to running a business, there is nothing that a mom can’t do. Pursuing a Ph.D. with a Master in Early Childhood Education and Administration, having in hand a decade of experience with corporate giants-like JP Morgan and Chase, Accenture, and Target. Owning a business of my own is an innate dream. My dream rejuvenated when Vikas came in with the idea of establishing a corporate photography company, where I could aline my thoughts with his vision and support in the creative aspects of a business. Prior experience in Corporate firms helps me to bring orderliness, a set process, and a system to One Of a Kind photography. Looking at the aesthetic aspects of storytelling through photographs is what the industry is lacking, OOAk will definitely be a game-changer in the industry. I won't stop until I see what I visualize being put into practice!

Our Services

Christian wedding image of the Bride and her bridesmaid, Shot by One Of A Kind Photography

01. Wedding Photography

Marriages are made in heaven, celebrated on land witnessed by photographers. We freeze your moments into frames transcending time. Make you relive your big day every time you see it again in a cinematic way. Let's film your unscripted love tale to make the spectators fall in love every time they see it.

Maternity shoot image, Shot by One Of A Kind Photography

02. Maternity shoot

A woman feels complete only when she attains motherhood. Pink lines to painful labor is a beautiful journey of the mother and child. A bond that could never be explained. The gift of pregnancy is to be celebrated, catered to, taken extra special care of, and most of all captured in a maternity photo shoot.

Baby photoshoot image, Shot by One Of A Kind Photography

03. Baby Photography

Babies are angels that bring joy and blessings to a family. Cramped inside the mother's womb to a fully grown-up adult the magical journey happens in a wink of an eye. To slow down and enjoy the journey let's freeze them in time to sit back and relive. Our fully trained photographers will help you capture the best of your baby moments right from them being a newborn.

Image of a bride and groom on their reception, Shot by One Of A Kind Photography

04. Special Events

Our lives are filled with beautiful surprises and moments to cherish. Document the special occasion in your life with a photography session by our professional lifestyle photographers. Let's document every adventure you go through in your life in a creative cinematic way for you to cherish forever.

Image of watch, perfume used for Corporate Shoots, Shot by One Of A Kind Photography

05. Corporate Shoots

Award functions, Product launches, Corporate parties, Official events, Modeling Photography, Fashion blogging, Portfolio shoot, Product photography, Corporate films, or anything that your business demands visually we’re here for you.

Professional Wedding Photography

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