Allegory of Love

Gaurang and Sweekrutha found the love of their life in an arranged marriage. The couple is an allegory of love. A beautiful wedding is all about understanding & adjustments, it's the union of hearts in the abundance of blessings. Gaurang and Sweekrutha are an illustration of a perfect couple. Love is all about striking the right balance between the indifferences. the duo has beautifully done that.

Traditional Bangalore wedding ceremony of Gaurang and Sweekrutha
"Bride and groom's families celebrating togethe
Image of Groom Indian Wedding Photoshoot, Shot by One Of A Kind Photography
Gaurang's dashing groom attire and accessories
Sweekrutha's stunning bridal jewelry and henna designs
Background filled with colorful wedding flowers
Sweekrutha's radiant walk amidst dazzling fireworks
Sweekrutha performing a graceful traditional dance
Sweekrutha illuminated by serene night light
Sweekrutha standing peacefully under moonlight
Wedding Photography Expertise
Romantic and intimate dance between the bride and groom
Tender gesture shared by Gaurang and Sweekrutha