Radiant smile : Girl beaming with joy at the wedding

It was just another beautiful Friday morning, the sixth day in the month of roses. Bright blue sky, chirping birds, cold breeze, warm sunlight painting the walls, and leaves in golden hues. She had no time to gaze at the morning scene. Crammed with thoughts, emotions untamed, excited to the crux, She had the feeling in her body that the butterflies of good luck were hovering around her heart with glee, and she was getting ready for her memorable day.

Capturing love : Happy couple in the celebration of marriage

Love is not always what it feels like; it's what it means to be. The first kiss to tie the knot, just like every other relationship, the journey of love is a roller coaster ride of emotions. Love is so fragile, and sometimes we are overwhelmed with feelings. It can even be hard to believe that what we feel is real. This voyage has no destination but a lovely way.

Soulmates united : Marriage couple sharing an affectionate moment

All dressed up in magenta and adorned with stunning diamonds. She was the quintessence of loveliness, captivating the eye of the onlookers. It was Dhiva and Hanumesh's engagement. The love birds flew from California to Coimbatore to have their fairy tale wedding bestowed with the blessings of their kith and kin. The duo seemed born for each other, a match made in heaven.

Elegance in love :  Marriage couple radiating happiness

Nothing could add a more elegant golden glow to a bride like a yellow kanjeevaram saree. Our groom Hanumesh complemented the bride with a silk sandel dhoti with a light golden border. On their wedding day, the couple balanced each other flawlessly to create a photojournalistic image. Filled with love and happiness, the duo had a picture-perfect wedding with the temperament of their love story.

Celebrating union :  Happy bride and groom captured in love

The couple was in love for seven years, and from college to marriage, they shared a beautiful bond. They not only complemented each other in their outfits but also stood by each other's side to make their fairy tale wedding come true. Their closeness and willingness to share the keys of their home with one another is something that most couples never experience.

Stage of love :  Capturing the couple's shoot on wedding stage

Love is not icing on the cake; it takes a lot of hard work. The couple is an exemplary example of love and sacrifice. Though they had their very own taste, likes, and dislikes, they worked on their difference so well that is evidently seen from their perfectly matched suites to the perfectly harmonious, happy marriage. Leaving all the hearts in both the family delighted.