Cultural splendor :  Indian traditional wedding ceremony

A decade-old love story Sugesh & Nandini, funloving, charming, vibrant celebrity boy Sugesh falls in love with an innocent, calm, and serene software engineer Nandini. A decade-old love story finally culminates in marriage. They took their vows at a resort in Coimbatore. They fell in love with one another and their relationship ahead of their spectacular wedding.

Rich heritage :  Indian wedding with traditional customs

Sugesh is one of South India's most prominent serial actors. The charming actor is a dream boy to many teens and young women. But Nandini is the only girl who owned a special place in his mind.

Cultural richness :  Indian wedding adorned with traditions

The pair met in a popular IT company where they worked together. After post Sugesh pursued his acting career and Nandini continued her IT career. Though they had a lot of differences in so many things nothing was so stronger as their love. In between exchanging emails they somewhere exchanged hearts and it became a forever affair.

Elegant customs : Traditional Indian wedding rituals

Love is a synthesis of several different feelings. Caring, compassion, patience, not being jealous, not having expectations, giving yourself and your partner a chance, and not hurrying are all characteristics of love. Love exists in both calm and chaos. There are several ways to express affection. It might be as basic as a hug or a smile, or it can be as elaborate as flowers, chocolates, or handwritten messages. Sometimes it incorporates all of these elements! A charming office love story.

Celebratory heritage :  Vibrant Indian wedding traditions

The couple’s wedding was festive. Adoring little kids, fireworks, dance, music, party what a spectacular event to shoot. The bride wore an elegant green gown with heavy embroidery and stone works. She alluringly paired her gown with a sparkling diamond earpiece. She was jaw-droppingly stunning in her reception attire. Sugesh matched her with a nice contrasted suit. His black and white attire made him the showman. The couple together was a piece of marvel.

Graceful customs :  Traditional Indian marriage celebration

The wedding was filled with huge emotional bounds and love. The whole venue was filled with laughter and love. The couple was extremely vibrant in their wedding attire. The bride wore a beautiful red samundrika saree and the groom paired her with a half-white Sandel dhoti and shirt. The couple together looked adoring and beautiful, they are the match born for each other not only in understanding each other but also in looks. They are an endearing couple stealing everyone’s attention!