Chennai, a city rich in heritage and customs, has a plethora of beautiful settings that serve as the ideal backdrop for capturing priceless wedding moments. Here are the top wedding photographers in Chennai:

Chettinad Palace :

At the Chettinad Palace, you may immerse yourself in the majesty of Chettinad architecture. The elaborate features and expansive courtyards make for beautiful photos.

St. George's Fort:

Fort St. George is an excellent choice for a taste of history and colonial charm. The gorgeous environment is created by the historic architecture and vast grounds.

The Leela Palace:

The magnificence of Leela Palace will elevate your wedding album. The majestic rooms and lush grounds provide a spectacular backdrop for capturing the soul of your wedding day.


Dakshinachitra celebrates the richness of South Indian culture. It's a refuge for capturing cultural diversity, with its classic homes and vivid environs.

Grand Chola ITC:

ITC Grand Chola, a symbol of contemporary luxury, provides a sumptuous venue for your wedding photography. The exquisite architecture and opulent interiors combine to create a visual feast.

Golden Beach VGP Resort:

VGP Golden Beach Resort is a wonderful alternative for couples looking for a coastal wedding. Sunsets over the Bay of Bengal and golden shores offer the stage for stunning photographs.

Semmozhi Poonga:

Semmozhi Poonga, a botanical garden with a tranquil atmosphere, invites you to embrace nature. The lush greenery and colorful blooms provide a lovely backdrop for your wedding photos.

Connemara Taj:

Taj Connemara is popular among couples due to its ageless appeal and historic design. The combination of antiquity and elegance creates a lovely atmosphere.

These venues in the heart of Chennai not only display the city's diversity but also give the ideal canvas for weaving your love tale via the lens. Capture the beauty of your wedding day at these lovely venues and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Chennai's Finest|Best Venues for Wedding Photography

Picture-Perfect-Best Wedding Photography Venues in Chennai

Chennai's Picture-Perfect-Best Venues for Wedding Photography