Weddings are magical phase where love, happiness and celebration combines together to create a beautiful memory. There are many factors that adds a little charm to the wedding. But nothing can be beat the powerful vibe of the dance floor. Marriage ceremonies inspire us to dance into forever, by weaving the tales of love and happiness in every step.

The Dance of Romance:

At the heart of every wedding celebration there lies a hidden love story.  The bride and groom surrounded by family and friends, embarking on the journey together by pleading their love and commitment to each other. Imagine your first dance as a married couple, a nervous and happiest moment of your life. It is a symbolic expression of their bond and beginning of their shared life.  When the music starts to play, the couple started to lost in each other’s eyes, their love radiates by welcoming everyone in its warmth and beauty.

A Symphony of Emotions:

Wedding is a rollercoaster of emotions. It tends to expresses different emotions of people. From tears of joy to bursts of laughter, marriages are a symphony of emotions. The dance floor becomes a stage to express your emotions. When the bride and groom express their emotions through music and movement, the guests also join them in to their vibe. Each and every step and the beat are infused with love.

Bridging Generations:

Marriages are a magical way of bringing people together by bridging the gap between the generations and creating a new bond with other peoples. Imagine your grandparents dancing with their grandchildren, the uncles who asks about your career, the aunts who asks about your love life, your friends who stayed with you for years comes from far away to attend your wedding. Also, the cousins squad practicing a dance rehearsal with your friends for a wonderful performance. Whatever the age or background it may be, everyone is united by the joy of love and for the promise of a new beginning.

Cultural Celebrations:

One of the most beautiful aspects of a wedding is to express their culture and traditions. As you know, India is known for its cultural, traditions and diversity. And every marriage expresses in a different culture and tradition. Cultural celebrations add a unique flavour to the festivities, by celebrating the beauty of diversity and the universal language of love.

Dancing under the stars:

Outdoor wedding offers a perfect background for the romantic dances and joyous celebrations. You know what, there is something magical about dancing under the stars with your partner. You would feel like you are in a Disney land or a fairy tale. As the sun sets and the stars emerges, the dance floor comes alive with laughter and music. It is purest moment of bliss. The love shines brighter than the sky when you see this kind of ceremony.

Surprise Performances:

Nowadays a surprise performance from the groom and bride surprises the wedding guests with delight. No matter it is carefully choreographed or an on the spot of performance on the stage, it never fails to leave a memorable effect on the celebration. As the bride and groom takes the dance floor seriously, their relatives and their parents would even fall in love with their love story. 


Marriage celebrations exposes the power of love and joy of shared moments. Whether it is a surprise performance from the bride and the groom or a heartwarming family dance circle, these moments inspire us to have fun and dance into forever. So, the next time you are attending a celebration make sure that you leave the party by tapping your feet long after the party ends.