Do you have visions of a charming seaside wedding in Chennai? Make sure that your wedding day is captured in great detail by following these beach wedding photography dos and don'ts.


Golden Hour Magic: To capture the gentle, flattering light and captivating hues over the Bay of Bengal, schedule the shoot for early morning or late evening.

Scenic Backdrops: Use the beautiful beaches of Chennai as natural backdrops for scenic shots. Each location, from Marina to Elliot's, offers distinctive views for striking compositions.

Casual Elegance: Promote a laid-back vibe. Take unguarded photos that capture the couple's true feelings in the relaxed elegance of the beach backdrop.

Weather-Ready Clothing: The weather in Chennai is not always predictable. Make sure your equipment is weatherproof, and prepare ahead of time for unexpected downpours or strong winds.

Candid Storytelling: Telling a tale is the main goal of candid storytelling. Record the exchanges and feelings as well as the ceremony to create a story that captures the spirit of the couple's journey.


Overposing: Maintain organic stances. Steer clear of too staged photos since they may take away from the real, unscripted vibe that beach weddings frequently elicit.

Ignoring Tides: Pay attention to the timing of high tides. Arrange your shots appropriately to prevent unanticipated waves from spoiling the fun, particularly at crucial times.

Overlooking Permits: Professional photography on Chennai beaches may require a permit. To prevent any interruptions, make sure all required licenses are acquired well in advance.

Ignoring Sunscreen: The sun in Chennai can be intense. Encourage the bridal party to use sunscreen before the outdoor activities to avoid discomfort and sunburns.

Overediting: Although post-processing improves photos, don't alter them too much. Preserve the authentic feelings that were captured throughout the event as well as the beach's natural beauty.

Chennai's beaches, which are in the center of the Bay of Bengal, provide a breathtaking backdrop for your wedding. Make sure your beach wedding photos seamlessly combine love, the natural world, and enduring memories by following these dos and don'ts.

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