All about Love:

It all started from a nervous “Hi” text to holding his/her hands forever. The butterfly moments, the eyes that speak more than words, the small fights, the cute egos, the gifts, the possessiveness, is how love feels like. Not only that, love is all about pains, priorities, efforts, and struggles. It’s not about hurting each other. It is about supporting and standing for each other during their hard times. You have struggled a lot to hold this relationship. You have waited for so many years for this moment. The day, the moment which contains a roller coaster of emotions should be cherished. Isn’t it important to capture all your lifetime emotions on your special day? 

Capturing Emotional Moments:

Photography is one aspect in the wedding. The laughter, the tears, the little moments that take your breath away, will be frozen in time by your neighborhood photographers OOAK. It is a premium wedding photography brand that’s ready to make your wedding albums from “Usual” to “Aesthetic”! 

The Art of Candid Photography: 

So, what exactly is candid photography? Unlike posed shots, candid photography tells a story and brings back all your love memories in a pleasant way. We are a candid wedding photography that converts awkward staged poses into picture-perfect poses. At OOAK, we don’t shoot what it looks like, we shoot what it feels like. A loving glance or a stolen kiss can create a lifetime memory with your soulmate. A wedding is not about commitment; it is about showing your love. Do you remember how long you have been waiting for that one person to show all your love? And what happens when that one person stands in front of you? The lights flash, the wedding bells ring, a shy smile on your face, and the background music– cute right? The heart records all these moments forever. Whenever you think about it, the same emotions would replicate on your face. We have the best wedding photography to capture your memories and paint them with our natural edits. 

We cover all your unforgettable dance moves with your besties, the butterfly moments with your soulmate, and the tear-filled congratulations from everyone. That is why we are considered to be the best photography brand in Chennai, Bangalore, Karnataka etc. 

Tears of Joy:

We don’t miss any of your family’s special moments. Whether it’s a mother wiping her tears as she sees her daughter in the wedding dress, the father’s pain in his heart and tears in his eyes to leave his daughter or a gentle hug from your notorious sibling. These can be a small gesture but it reveals the deep connection with your family members.

Embracing Spontaneity: 

Weddings are filled with unexpected moments. We are here to capture all your unscripted and seize those spontaneous instances. Whether it’s a surprise proposal, fun-filled dance moments, or a heartfelt speech, We have the best photographers to capture and add uniqueness to your wedding story. Candid moments will make you go back to the emotions and memories of your wedding day. By OOAK, your precious moments can be treasured.

Your love story is Magical. Make it more special with OOAK

Be Comfortable:

Wedding poses make people feel awkward and nervous. It is important to forget that there exists a camera and enjoy the moment. We make you feel way more comfortable and make you giggle uncontrollably. To make you and your family feel more at ease, we become your unseen observers.  Your wedding day exposes mixed emotions from different people which will be captured by us. The hug, which contains unconditional love between a bride and her father, the happy tears from your best friends, or a gaze that will be shared with your beloved are the moments that tell the true tale of a wedding day, and OOAK can freeze them. Let your emotions flow naturally.

The OOAK Experience: 

OOAK stands for One Of A Kind Photography, which has a special power to deliver your wedding photos with uniqueness and full of emotions. They believe that all weddings are not the same. Each wedding needs a unique way of narrating their fairy tales to others. We can create this fairy tale visually by adding vibrant colours (emotions, happy tears, joy) into it. Our goal is to narrate your fairy tale through visuals that makes you feel the same from years beyond now.

Candid wedding photography is about capturing the real you, that makes your wedding day more unique. So, say yes to the natural flow of emotions. From Tears to Laughter, these photographs do not tell the story of a couple alone, it reveals how the families celebrated the love. So, what do you say? Let's bind your memories that can be an essence to your love story.