Wedding – A most important occasion filled with love and laughter. Do you know these occasions are not only filled with happiness; But also contain myths? Yes, we all have heard from our grandparents and aunties that the traditions and rituals should not be ignored, which interrupts our little happiness. But what happens if we break all these stereotypes? You can set an example to this world or be an inspiration to others. Let me list out some common myths that happen in our Indian Weddings.

Looking into the mirror:

It is believed that the bride should only look into the mirror once when she gets entirely ready. If not, it is considered to be a bad omen for the bride.

Just Imagine, how much you have waited for this particular day and you spent several hours getting ready. And you just get to see your face once in the mirror? Not fair, right? Your wedding day is like a Disney’s fairy tale. So just break all these myths, and adore your bridal look the number of times you wanted to. But don’t be delayed, Because it’s your wedding day.

Avoidance of Black or White:

In Indian tradition and customs, black and white colors are believed to be the colours of mourning and bad luck.  But what happens if I say my bride and groom have already broken this myth? Yes, many brides are now opting for wedding outfits that are in the shades of black and white. They are proving that no bad luck or nothing going to affect their relationship. In the end, it is love that binds them together, forever.

The darker the Mehndi, the deeper the Love:

Well, this one is really funny. Among many traditions in India, it is trusted that the darker the colour of the Mehndi in the hands of the bride; the deeper their relationship would be. We have also heard that if the mehndi lasts longer in the hands of the bride; She will get lots of love from her in-laws than the groom. 

But what happens if it does not turn darker? Mehndi does not define your bond. It is all about respect towards each other, understanding, and how the way you carry forward your love in your life. So, just believe in the existence of love between you and your partner, no matter what.

Arranged Marriages are Loveless:

There is a saying that love and romance towards the partners cannot be seen in arranged marriages. Some say love in love marriages fades away with time. Whereas some say love in arranged marriages grows with time. Whether it is arranged or love, the reality is you can’t see butterflies after a certain period. The efforts of each other will be stopped. Growing or fading away of love depends on the individual’s effort. Bonding depends upon the partners, not the type of marriage one getting into.

Astrological Compatibility is Essential:

If it is an arranged marriage, the bride and groom get to see each other after the horoscope gets matched. So, there will not be many issues out there. In the event of love marriages, if the horoscope does not get matched; The families don’t want the couple to get united. Nowadays, some modern couples may dismiss it as a superstition. But for others, it is a cultural tradition that adds an element of reassurance to their union.

Shedding tears in your wedding:

We know you might experience a rollercoaster of emotions on your special day. In Indian traditions and cultures, it is trusted that shedding tears at your wedding might be a piece of good luck. Also, some believe that you are leaving all your sorrows behind before entering into your life. See, the emotions of the people may be different. All the brides don't need to shed tears on their wedding day. But make sure, you wear waterproof makeup so that your makeup does not get spoiled.


Indian weddings are deeply riched in tradition, but breaking stereotypes can lead to more meaningful celebrations. Couples can create weddings that reflect their values by challenging the wedding myths about astrological compatibility, rituals, and gender roles etc. Overall, breaking stereotypes in Indian weddings opens doors to creativity, inclusivity, and sustainability. This makes the celebrations more relevant and enjoyable for everyone involved. Get More Information About Candid Wedding Photography.