Blessed celebration :  Catholic wedding ceremony capture

It was not love, It was not friendship, and we hardly knew each other. We knew it would be a long voyage together from the instant we first met. A feeling and a connection that felt like we knew each other for ages and were reborn, destined to live together. It was magic that transpired in a jiffy. We had little time to prepare our hearts for this journey, so when it began we were both unprepared. But our souls were ready to travel together because we had been waiting for just this moment all our lives.

Ceremony of love :  Snapshot from a Catholic wedding

The couple shared their first kiss as a married couple and took vows in St.Thomas Shrine cathedral, St. Thomas Mount is a small hillock located in Chennai. One of the Twelve Apostles of Christ traveled to India after the crucifixion of Jesus, bringing the gospel to the people of India. St. Thomas Mount is the mythical place where Thomas had been martyred and shot by his assailants with a bow and arrow. He is thought to have clutched a stone cross, bleeding on it during his death.

Cherished vows :  Scene from a Catholic wedding ceremony

Catholic weddings are full of time-honored traditions, but they're more than just a few Bible verses and a priest officiating. With so many faith-based customs and intricacies, it's easy to get a bit lost in translation if you're unfamiliar with the religious scripts.

Traditional wedding rites :  Catholic marriage celebration

First, the groom and the best man enter from the side of the church. Then the bridesmaids and groomsmen escort one another up the aisle, followed by the maid of honor, who enters alone. And last, but certainly not least, the bride and her father (or another male family member) make their grand entrance. Followed by the Liturgy of the Word, the Liturgy of the Word begins with a reading of a passage from the Old Testament.

Sacred matrimony :  Image of a Catholic wedding ceremony

The lace dress, long sleeves, and high neckline closely resembled a Hollywood actress gown, even down to her lace-adorned headpiece and veil. For the ceremony, Amala wore a simple A-line, long-sleeve, high-neck lace gown that was then paired with an ivory ballgown skirt that had a thick, belted midsection, like Kelly's. Lace detailing trickled down the tops of the satin skirt, and her lace-trimmed veil and matching headband. Whereas the groom wore a light grey versatile suit.

Joyful union :  Snapshot from a Catholic wedding celebration

The evening was marked by several surprises. “It seemed like everyone was on the dance floor when the band played Katy Perry’s ‘Firework’,” Dolly recalls. "As soon as the song ended, we heard loud 'booms' coming from outside. Everyone moved to the covered deck to enjoy the most incredible fireworks display set to our favorite songs. We think that was the most remarkable way to end the great day.