A Timeless Poem:

As the full moon lights up the night sky, there dawns a spectacle just for the two! Like a swirling feather caught in the wind, your hearts dance a ballet. Our eyes lie unrested, as we swap stories! The fleeting moments, the genuine emotions, and the essence of your special day will be captured beautifully. Imagine, years from now, when you look at your marriage album, tears roll down from your eyes. Your wedding photos will visually narrate your love story. While capturing these cherished memories in photos, wouldn't it be amazing to relive them with a touch of cinematic magic? 

Into the Cinematic World:

Traditional wedding photography has its charm. But adding a cinematic touch can elevate your marriage album “Usual” to ‘Aesthetic”. Cinematic wedding photography is like storytelling. It is just like a movie tells a story through a sequence of scenes, Similarly, your marriage album should tell the story of your special day. Your wedding day is not about photos. Your special day is filled with a lot of mixed emotions. At OOAK Photography, we are dedicated to capturing these emotions, from the very beginning to happily ever after, to make your albums even more aesthetic.

Framing Emotions:

The nervous excitement when you and your loved ones getting ready on your special day, the excitement building in the air, as you prepare to meet your partner. The butterflies in your stomach, the smiles from your family, and the laughter with your friends everything will be frozen, to cherish it forever. Wedding contains a roller coaster of emotions. The shy smile on your face during your vows, the excitement you feel as you say “I do”, the spontaneous hugs, the heartfelt congratulations, and the joyful dances. All of these moments will be captured right on camera by OOAK. Posed photos often don’t capture their true beauty. We take a cinematic approach where we capture the story unfold naturally and in a dynamic way.

Wedding trends come and go, but your fairy tale is forever.

The Squad that celebrates your love story:

Friends are the pillars of support. They are chosen families. They are the ones, who have been with you, during all your hard times. From the starting phase of love, awkward dates, messy breakups, and the moment when you finally find the love of your life. They know all your best side and worst side. But still, they love you back the way you do. When they come to know about their best friend’s marriage, the energy that arises from them is limitless. Tears will be shedding down from their eyes when they see you in that beautiful dress. They will crack some jokes to make you feel better. They will be in charge of the dance floor. From making your parents dance to acting like you are their sibling, they will make your day unforgettable.

More than just pretty pictures:

Our focus is to capture your real self, that defines your clean, pure unconditional love. Not only the bride and groom, we ensure everyone is included in your story. Your favorite people, your friends, and the people who supported you throughout the journey will be included. The excitement from the bride and groom, the joyful tears shed by your parents, and the unconditional and spontaneous affection from all sides will be recorded by our best wedding photographers. We are considered to be a perfect candid wedding photographer who converts awkward staged poses into picture-perfect poses. Instead of interrupting the flow of the day with posed shots, we will be there to observe and capture the real moments that define your special day.

Your Family – Your Heartbeat:

Your family is the foundation. They have been there through thick and thin, your good times and your bad times. They have motivated you when you are tired enough of seeing this world. They are the ones who believed in you when you did not believe in yourself. They are the most important people, with whom you want to start your new chapter. And on your special occasion, they are the ones, who would bless you wholeheartedly with unconditional love. They are part of your heart and soul in your life. 

Forget Fairy Tales, Unleash Your Stories with OOAK!

At OOAK, we believe that all weddings are not the same. Each and every one needs a unique way of revealing their story to others. Years from now, when you look back at your photos, we make you feel the same emotions, you have felt on your special day. We freeze the moments of today, that will remain aesthetic in your hearts tomorrow. That is why we are considered to be the best photography brand in Chennai, Bangalore, Karnataka etc.