Radiant warmth :  Yellow tones in wedding captures

When you think of an Indian wedding, you may think of colorful clothes and intricate decorations. You might also picture couples decked out in gold jewelry. One of the most important aspects of any Indian wedding is the Haldi ceremony. A ritual in which a paste made from turmeric is applied to the bride and groom by family members. This paste is meant to symbolize the couple's union and their commitment to one another.

Sunshine elegance :  Bride adorned in a radiant yellow wedding dress

Turmeric is a versatile ingredient and is well-known for its internal and external beautification properties, making it an unbiased ingredient in beauty creams, and health drinks. Turmeric is also believed to ward off evils in many Indian cultures and thus has its own wedding ritual dedicated to "haldi." Haldi is performed a day before the wedding to calm nerves, ward off evil, and add a final touch of beauty to the bride and groom.

Vibrant tradition :  Yellow powder symbolizing love at a wedding

We can't think of a better way to mark a new beginning than with a wedding. The yellow color is thought to purify the soul and is famously applied to the forehead as the tilak or tikka. The pressure applied at this point helps to relieve the mind, while the purifying properties of turmeric act as a soul cleanser, elevating the couple to a new level of success. The practice of using turmeric paste to cleanse oneself and one's surroundings before a wedding dates back centuries.

Joyful tradition :  Love and happiness depicted with yellow powder

The Haldi ceremony is observed in almost all Indian cultures. Different cultures have different names for them. The Bengali word "Gaye Holud '' translates to turmeric yellow on the body, and is often referred to as Tel Baan. This ceremony is typically performed by Marwaris in India and involves seven different ingredients—turmeric, mustard seeds, oil, curd, salt, henna, and vermillion—being placed in seven clay bowls and then applied to the bride and groom by married couples with grass.

Cultural love :  Yellow powder tradition in wedding festivities

Our pretty bride Akanksha and gorgeous groom Shubham stole the hearts of everyone present there in their lustrous haldi look. They manifested different colors of emotion throughout the event which melted the hearts even more. The couple set out their sail with the blessings of their kith and kin. The couple allured the crowd with their innate intimacy. With tears of joy, hugs. Kisses, squabbles, and much more Akanksha and Shubham’s haldi ceremony was a gala of love.