From Classic to Creative:

From finding someone who will love you for no reason, and to shower that person with reasons, a wedding paved the way for ultimate happiness. Photography is one aspect of an occasion. OOAK photography helps you to recall all your memories and makes you feel the same emotion, you felt on your special day. It is a premium wedding photography brand. In a world full of ordinary wedding albums, we make yours extraordinary by capturing picture-perfect poses. Whether it is a classic pose or a modern one, don’t worry, we got your back! All we want you to feel special on your occasion. We are the best photography brand in Chennai, Bangalore, Karnataka etc. Let us show you the 10 perfect poses which will add an essence in your love story.

The Forehead kiss:

A forehead kiss is the silent way of saying “I’m here for you”. Its more than a gesture, it’s a promise of love and protection. The warmth of the forehead kiss can heal the coldest of hearts. We know, you may feel uncomfortable while doing these shots in front of the camera. But don’t worry love birds, we are here to make you feel safe and comfortable, since we are the top marriage photography in Chennai, Bangalore, Karnataka etc.

The Standard Portrait:

Looking for a traditional, intimate photo with your better half? Forget uncomfortable poses! Position the couple next to each other, with shoulders touching, looking slightly away from the camera. The taller person can place a hand on the other's waist or arm for a casual touch. Soft lighting and an ideal background, along with shy smiles. We will make your shot perfect. That is why we are the best wedding photography brand.

The Opened Up:

Want to capture the love between a couple in a photo, that can be preserved forever? Try the "Opened Up" pose. Our best wedding photographers will position one partner standing with feet apart and the other partner next to them facing the camera, leaning back slightly. Remember, comfort is the key. Make the posture to feel natural and let your love shine through photos.

The Dip:

The classic Dip is a must-have for any couple’s album. A romantic dance pose where one partner stands stable and the other leans back playfully, supported by the waist. This is a classic Dip pose in your albums that can make your partner feel like a Cinderella. Gaze into each other’s eyes, a shy smile or add a gentle kiss for an extra dose of romance. 

The Spin:

The iconic spin poses for couple photo is simpler than you think. Your partner stands with feet spread apart; arms extended. And the other partner, facing away, places hands on the outstretched arms and leans back with a straight leg. For an extra touch, have the leaning partner kick their free leg as they spin! The two elements such as communication and trust are essential. Practice makes perfect. So, grab your partner, turn up the music, and prepare to create picture-perfect memories with your spins.

The Stacked Pose:

For a classic romantic touch in a couple’s photoshoot, consider the stacked pose. This pose, is like building a human tower. It is simple yet impactful. The groom forms the base facing the camera as the bride steps in front, leaning slightly into him for a cozy embrace. They can twist their arms each other. Encourage them to relax, tilt their heads towards each other, and smile authentically for a stunning portrait filled with love.

The Walk:

Walking together with your partner, holding their hands each other, will make you realize that you are living your life to the fullest. Everything feels right, when you walk together. 

The Swing:

Looking to add some excitement with your partner? Give the "Swing pose" a try! Your partner leaning forward while the other lifts their leg up and around their hip from behind. 

The Bride Only:

The traditional wedding photography pose called "bride only" aims to highlight the bride's beauty and essence by focusing on elegant dress, her wedding glow, and her accessories. By having the bride turn slightly, smile softly over her shoulder, and hold her bouquet delicately, a sense of movement is created by showcasing her features. This puts the bride at the centre of attention.

The Creative Pose:

The Creative pose in photography allows for imaginative and innovative creations which make “Usual” to “Aesthetic”, by breaking away from traditional poses. The lighting, movements, the backgrounds create a lasting impression in the minds of the viewers.

The V Shape:

The V-Shape pose is popular for its ability to create the illusion of height and slimness, by having the couple stand with feet apart and arms forming a 'V'. It is a flattering position that is perfect for everyone and appears wonderful in pictures.