Reportage or photojournalistic wedding photography, also referred to as documentary wedding photography, records moments as they happen, offering a real and unfiltered depiction of the big day. Just like any other type of photography, it has benefits and drawbacks.


1. Authentic events: Documentary photography preserves the real spirit of the wedding day by capturing sincere feelings and unscripted events.

2. Inconspicuous Method: The photographer disappears into the background, letting the guests and couple be who they are without feeling compelled to, which produces genuine reactions.

3. Storytelling: By documenting the events as they happen, it creates a gripping tale that lets viewers experience the day via the pictures.

4. Emotional Impact: By bringing up intense feelings, the unfiltered and authentic moments foster a closer bond with the audience.

5. Current viewpoint: Unlike standard staged photography, it gives a fresh viewpoint by emphasizing the little things, little exchanges, and subtle emotions.


1. Lack of Controlling: The photographer depends on chance, which might result in moments that aren't precisely recorded or photos that are missed.

2. Fewer Formal photographs: Since the documentary approach mostly emphasizes unscripted events, couples may miss the typically staged photographs with family and friends.

3. Ability Requirement: Capturing the ideal candid moments demands a high degree of ability and expertise, which not many photographers possess.

4. Unpredictable Lighting: It can be difficult for the photographer to adjust to different lighting situations, and this might lower the quality of the images.

5. Not for Everybody: Some couples find that the regimented nature of conventional photography makes them feel more at ease in controlled settings and orchestrated positions.

In summary, documentary wedding photography captures unscripted moments and unadulterated feelings to provide a sincere and emotional portrayal of the wedding day. It might not be appropriate for everyone, particularly for people who would rather have greater control over the shooting process. When selecting a style for their big day, couples should think about their priorities and preferences.

Balancing Act-Pros and Cons of Documentary Style in Wedding Photography

Pros and Cons of Documentary Wedding Photography-Insights by OOAK Photography

Balancing Act-The Pros and Cons of Documentary Wedding Photography by OOAK