An emerging trend in Chennai's wedding scene is the growing popularity of small, personal ceremonies. I've seen firsthand the charm and genuineness that small weddings elevate as a photographer navigating this transition.

The era of extravagant parties is over, as couples choose more intimate, smaller gatherings. Although the epidemic had an impact, the change was not necessary. The decision to put the spirit of the marriage above ostentatious demonstrations was made consciously.

These weddings are warm and intimate, with calm garden ceremonies and private vow renewals on the beach. Now that they are not burdened by big parties, couples can concentrate on making treasured memories with their nearest and dearest. This makes for a more laid-back and sincere atmosphere that lets me capture the unfiltered feelings that characterize a couple's special day.

These private gatherings take on a distinct flavor thanks to Chennai's rich cultural background. Traditional rites are kept but with a modern touch. Smaller spaces highlight the history of the city and provide classic photo backgrounds. Chennai's streets take on the appearance of a canvas, with elaborate architecture and a riot of color illuminating a love story.

This change has enabled me to develop a close relationship with the couples as a photographer. Because of the more intimate setting, I am better able to get to know them and record their unique stories. The images capture the couple's personalities and feelings in addition to their union, resulting in an enduring album that touches people's hearts.

In conclusion, the growing popularity of small-scale weddings in Chennai is a conscious decision to have a more sincere and intimate celebration rather than just a reaction to external factors. Photographers view it as an honor to be able to witness and document these moments, which preserve the spirit of love in its most pure form.

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