Celebrating love : Pre-wedding photoshoot of the couple

Who said arranged marriages aren’t fun? “Arranged Marriage” has become a pessimistic term in recent times. When you can fall in love with someone at the very first, why can’t we fix a wedding match over a coffee? It's true that arranged marriages aren't always perfect, but they can be amazing! When you fall in love with someone at the first sight (or even second or third), you hardly have a way to know if that person is right for you until you get to know them better.

Enchanting moments : Capturing the magic of a fairy tale wedding

Above all else, it was the instant connection, the sense that the person was born for us, a sense of belonging, and a connection that lasts a lifetime. We'll never be able to predict when the moment will occur. For some, it happens in an arranged marriage.

Radiant love: Wedding couple captured in joyful embrace

Nirty and Priya found the love of their life in the arranged marriage. The couple is an allegory of love. A beautiful wedding is all about understanding & adjustments, it's the union of hearts in the abundance of blessings. Nirty and Priya are an illustration of a perfect couple. Love is all about striking the right balance between the indifferences. Nirty and Priya duo have beautifully done that.

Blissful union : Happy wedding couple in a tender moment

Though the couple has a lot of indifference, their own values & desires, they came along so well without hurting each other's sentiments. The couple found the perfect balance between wants and sacrifice. The couple’s wedding was total fun, they depicted love in every instance possible. The bride and groom were so adorable as they helped each other in carrying forward their big day. The couple showered different colors of emotions. The sense of love and care was never left abandoned.

Eternal love : Capturing the bond of a newlywed couple

Nirty and Priya is a consonance of an arranged wedding. They felt love at the very first moment and made the fairy tale come real. Falling in love is easy but staying in love is very special.