Elegant portrayal: Indian traditional dress photoshoot

Intimate weddings are all about the details, and so we love them. This trend is growing in popularity with enlightened millennials as the big fat Indian wedding becomes outdated. Minimalism, as a trend, is gaining popularity in our celebrations, and an increasing number of couples are adopting the "less is more philosophy."

Traditional elegance : Portrait in Indian attire

Minimalist weddings are about making the best of natural light, opting for a simple but elegant clutter-free décor, and keeping the guest list small. We recently captured an intimate wedding that had a guest list of about 20. The wedding took place in the bride's living room. With a beautiful floral backdrop and beams of natural light falling through the balcony, it was indeed a sight to behold. The evening was magical too with stars shining in the canopy of the sky above and the soft glow of the decorative

Cultural richness : Indian dress showcased in photoshoot

Prathiksha and Varun's wedding was a symphony of love. The couple is the epitome of what it means to be blissfully in love, and their wedding was one of the most elegant and unfussy we've ever shot. Their lawn served as an excellent outdoor venue for filming their wedding film. The stunning scenery, along with a relaxed mood, has far more appeal than an interior confined between walls. The green background added a classic touch to their bright and contrasted outfit.

Exquisite Indian dress captured in a stunning photoshoot

The couple's love story began at Varun's place when he saw her during her visit to his house. He was drawn to her by her character more than her beauty and grace. They fell in love instantly! It was clear from the very start that they were destined for each other because they shared many things in common like music, literature, and art appreciation. They understood each other better than anyone else could! And they knew that this love will last forever!

Artistic portrayal: Embracing Indian traditional attire

Prathiksha and Varun is an ideal example of how an arranged marriage can become more pleasant, beautiful, and filled with all hues of love. The couple was filled with a lot of love and more understanding, which even years of love failed to replicate. Prathiksha and Varun made us believe that perfect love does exist in arranged marriages and that weddings can happen in harmony.