Traditional setting :  Chair in Christian wedding ceremony

Although city weddings have sleek, sophisticated, and cool air, the allure of a countryside wedding cannot be disputed. The picturesque scenery of rolling hills and quaint barns has a certain allure. We're not talking about cowboy boots and pickup trucks here; instead, we're picturing rolling green hills dotted with rose bushes and old stone structures. Of course, a beautiful barn would suffice.

Christian wedding bliss :  Bride and groom in joyful celebration

However, the charm of a country wedding is easily duplicated no matter where your wedding takes place. The countryside is all about nature, and Sasha Almeida and Tathagath's wedding was set out in a stunning location. The commemorative marriage took place in Clarks exotica, Bangalore. A destination spot for outdoor weddings.

Eternal commitment :  Bride and groom in Christian wedding

To have a pixel-perfect wedding, the couple did a lot of homework to keep their wedding modest and elegant. The wedding was timed to coincide with the golden hour. Nothing else could have beautifully illuminated an outdoor wedding like nature could, which is why it's called the golden hour.

Sentimental stroll :  Father and daughter at Christian wedding

Generally in Christian weddings, The bride arrives at the wedding venue in a car sent by the groom on the wedding day. She is greeted by the best man in the room. Her father walks her down the aisle and turns her over to the groom once she is inside.

Symbol of love :  Christian couple in wedding celebration

The bride and groom have the flexibility of reading from a traditional set of wedding vows or writing their own. These are spoken aloud as a vow to one another. "Do you accept *bride* as your lawfully wedded wife, to live your life freely with her in sickness and health, joy and pain, struggle and ease?", to cherish and love forever more?" the priest asks. "I do," he says in response. The bride is given the same question, to which she responds, "I do."

Divine bond  :  Christian wedding portraying enduring love

They exchange a kiss after the priest pronounces them husband and wife. The bride tosses her bouquet backward at a crowd of unmarried lovelies after the wedding. It is said that the person who catches the bouquet will be the next to marry.

Sacred seat :  Chair set for a Christian wedding ritual

"The most decisive element, in my opinion, is the ambiance. Working with a design that blends in with the natural surroundings seems most true to me. Creating such an intimate aesthetic wedding was difficult, especially in the face of a sea of contemporary rustic wedding décor. Tasha has always urged me to do fresh stuff and maintain a straightforward outlook. It's easy to go overboard with signage and clutter when it comes to rustic decor. In this case, little is more!" Sasha says.

Elegant bridal attire : Wedding dress adorned with a beautiful rose

To fit in with the rustic motif, Sasha and Tatha kept their wedding clothing to a bare minimum. Sasha looked stunning in a sleeveless lace gown with a little veil and a single pendant, stud, and bracelet. Tatha matched her outfit with a beige blazer and a boutonniè

Wedded bliss :  Love radiating at a Christian wedding

Regardless of the accessories or styles of wedding decorations you pick, the goal of a rustic wedding is to create a sense of organic simplicity and comfort. The couple's wedding was elegant and classic in style. Rustic has come to symbolize comfort and farm-to-table cuisine, as well as a connection to nature and modest design that blends in with our surroundings. Understated that the couple had a perfect countryside wedding.