Girl adjusting boy's shirt in romantic temple photoshoot

Marriages are fundamental to everything we learned & understood from different Vedas and gospels. In temples, there are mirrors arranged on each side of the room, and if you stand between the mirrors, there is a corridor of diminishing images that moves on as far as you can see. And it seems as though you are looking into eternity. It is a sacred space dedicated to love and peace. And it represents everything a wedding should be about - the union of two souls, and a celebration of life in all its beauty.

Timeless moments: Pre-wedding photoshoot at temple

Temple weddings are more intimate with rich cultural heritage. The ceremonies are special and unique in their way. It's commonly believed that getting married in a temple is auspicious the couple would have a stronger bond showered with divine blessings.

Temple love story : Couples' pre-wedding portraits

A few months ago, we had the pleasure of photographing a beautiful wedding at The Temple. The setting was immaculate, and the weather was pleasant. Like the perfect couple, the scenario was pitch perfect that it felt like they were the divinely two born for each other. The wedding took place in Mylapore kapaleeswarar temple. The weather that day was great, with a slight breeze with occasional rain showers, enough to keep people comfortable.

Cherished moments : Pre-wedding photos at the temple

Kavya, our gorgeous bride, wore a light pastel violet Kanchipuram samudrika silk saree with a gold border. Adorn with purple flowers and gold embellishments. Her outfit looked so pretty and elegant on her with a divine glow. Meanwhile, Thirukumaran, our charming groom dressed in a half-white silk dhoti and shirt paired with golden jewelry, looked equally dapper! The iconic temple added a mythical touch to the scenery.

Entrance of the couple captured in temple photoshoot

It was a love marriage! Photographing a love marriage is always a beautiful experience. There would be a sense of love always present around. The couple shows explicit love in every action and move. Every frame in the photographs has a natural magical touch of love that amplifies the snap to a greater extent. It's truly beautiful to witness and capture those tender moments between two souls who believe in forever.

Timeless moments : Pre-wedding photoshoot at temple

No matter how many times we photograph a wedding, we never get bored of the concept or the feeling of observing this major milestone in life. Every wedding has its own unique story, and no two are ever the same. This wedding at the famous kapaleeswarar temple of Chennai had something special to offer - the wedding aisle was decorated with fresh flowers that added an exquisite touch to the overall ambiance of the temple. Our delightful couple complimented each other in every way possible during their wedding