The Language of Love: A Never-Ending Dream

I don’t think most people understand what Love is! It is not about the cheesy posts on social media, the fancy dates, or the nights you have been spending watching movies. When the world tends to fade away, your partner’s presence paints your sky with colours unseen. From being your biggest cheerleader to a shoulder to rely on, it is about looking at each other.

It is an invisible thread that binds two hearts together. 

The Celebration:

Isn’t it important to celebrate your love story? Your wedding day is the most beautiful moment which is filled with joy, love, and excitement. Also, celebrations don’t end without framing it. Most people, expect their love moments to be frozen naturally, without any artificial poses. Years from now, when they look at these pictures, tears will roll down from their eyes. 

Choose the Right Photographer:

Indian Weddings are not for beginners! Start your day with multiple rituals in heavy layered clothes without compromising make-up and quenching hunger without filling up. Photography entails observing with an artistic eye. Your special day is filled with a lot of mixed emotions. But no worries, we got you filmed, the exact way, you want us to. At One Of A Kind, we will photograph with heart, not just lens. We know how to click the best moments with a unique style and will guide you till the end. We value the relationship between lens and emotions, using lenses to authentically tell your unique love story with artistry and clarity. 

We feel that a camera is considered to be a save button for the mind's eye. The camera sees more than the eye. We don’t miss any frames. That’s why we are said to be the best wedding photographers in Chennai, Bangalore, Karnataka, etc. Whether it is a classic pose or a modern one, don’t worry, we got your back!

One Click, Endless Stories

Connection Over Perfection:

You need every shot to look flawless, but remember our goal is not about perfection. It is about the natural connection that flows with you and your partner. Stop worrying about perfect poses, rather focus on connecting with your partner during those beautiful moments. When you hold hands with your partner, it shows the happiness of being in each other's company. These moments can be treasured forever.

Warm up with a Pre- Wedding shoot:

One of the best ways to look natural in your wedding photos is to schedule a pre-wedding shoot with the photography, you have chosen. This session helps you to get comfortable in front of the camera. It helps you to understand One of a Kind's unique style of photography.

Let Loose and Have Fun:

At your wedding, one of the most important things you can do to ensure natural and authentic photos is to let go and have fun. It is a day to feel yourself as a Disney prince and princess. So, allow yourself to enjoy the moment Don’t get scared and pressure yourself to pose on cameras. The more relaxed you feel will result in your photos in a natural way. Laugh, dance, and genuinely interact with each other. If you feel relaxed and feeling enjoyed, it will be reflected in your photos. Just remember your wedding day is meant to be a joyful occasion. So, stop pressuring yourself. Sit back and have fun

Trust your photographer:

The most important factor is to trust your photographer. These professionals know how to capture the essence of your love story. If you have any specific shots on your mind, communicate openly with your photographer. When you relax and trust in their unique style, you will find yourself looking natural in your wedding photos. So, trust your photographer. Let them work that could turn your albums from ordinary to creative. Every Shot is a Signature of Excellence!

Remember, It's Your Day:

What does looking natural in your wedding photos feel like? It is about capturing the genuine moments of love, and affection towards your partner and others. To achieve this, the first and foremost thing is to be yourself. Avoid forced poses and instead focus on natural interactions such as holding hands, stealing a glance, and sharing laughs. Communication is the key. So, discuss the kind of shots you prefer and the specific moments you want to capture with your photographer. If you feel uncomfortable with the poses, try to open up how you feel. Lastly, forget that the camera exists in front of you. The most beautiful photos are often derived from the genuine emotions and connections shared between you and your partner. Don't get bogged down by trends or expectations. Embrace spontaneity, have fun, and enjoy every moment of your special day.