Wedding Photography is not just about capturing moments. It should visually narrate your story in a natural way. There are various styles that exists in a marriage photography. Each and every style has its own charm and glow. Couples should know about this style so that it is easy for them to choose one on their special day. Here are the 8 best photography styles that make your wedding album classic to creative.

1. Destination Wedding Photography:

Everyone might have heard about the word destination wedding. The couple chooses a location for making their dream come true moment. It may be a beach, historic places, or your favourite city or country. The main reason why couples choose this kind of location is for its ambiance and its look. Imagine, after 30 years, when they look at their pictures it should take them to the exact location with the same kind of emotions. Most of the couples choose this elegance of photography to fall in love with their partner again.

2. Photojournalistic wedding photography:

Let’s not complicate this. What would your friend do when he/she attends your marriage? Taking different snaps of you and your partner, right? The same thing, your wedding photographer focuses on candid moments, emotions, and interactions. No matter whether it is a real or unscripted moment, the real essence of your special day will be captured.

3. Vintage Wedding Photography:

Vintage style is the toughest one to recreate. Have you ever thought about how the movies reconstruct the movies from the previous eras? Starting from the attire to the set of the background with an antique collection of products, it has a lot of work to do. Editing adds a finishing touch to the clicks. The same applies while clicking the vintage photograph. Photographers need to bring the old-fashioned romance in the shots. The aim is to transport you and your partner back in time.

4. Natural light wedding photography:

It is always not about the location or the ambiance. Lighting makes your pictures, a little brighter. However, you should decide, whether you need it a natural or an artificial way. There is a word called “Golden Hour”, which means an hour after the sunrise or before the sunset. Imagine, how your pictures look when you tend to shoot at this hour. You can’t get this kind of lighting and natural in artificial ambiance or lighting. 

5. Traditional Wedding Photography:

It is also called classic or conventional photography. The staged shots such as exchanging rings, cutting the cake, or tying the knot come under this type. The photographer clicks the photos of the couple and their families formally. Usually, traditional photography involves traditional film cameras or digital cameras with standard lenses to capture these moments.

6. Fine art wedding photography:

Fine art photography converts your wedding albums into a masterpiece. It is like capturing your big day through the lens of an artist. Still taking snaps on your mobile phones? Forget it, Photos taken by photographers can be timeless and full of emotions. Lighting, composition, and colour play a major part because they turn your ordinary photos into extraordinary ones. It is a visual way of narrating your love story. When you look back at your marriage album, you will see more than pictures. How about hanging your wedding photos on the walls of your dream house, feeling a moment of goosebumps? That is power of this style.

7. Documentary wedding photography:

Documentary-style photography tells your fairy tale naturally. It is perfect for couples who want their marriage photos to be authentic and alive. In simple, it captures the exact beauty of the day as it is and preserves those moments for a lifetime. All your unforgettable dance moves with your besties, the butterfly moments with your soulmate, and the tear-filled congratulations from everyone will be covered.

8. Editorial Wedding Photography:

How does editing can make your pictures look good? Whatever style it may be, Editing adds a finishing touch to the clicks. Creative angles and lighting are used to create remarkable images that look like a magazine. Different poses and styles can add spice to your romance and drama. So, if you are looking for wedding photos that want to tell your love story, then editorial photography might be the perfect choice for you.

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